The Resurrection Orphanage and Center of Nekemte(ROCN) home provides for the basic needs of orphaned or abandoned children in the Nekemte, Oromiya region. ROCN was established and recognized as a 501c3 organization in 2012.

Ethiopia elected a new Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed, in April 2018. Dr. Ahmed has brought positive changes to the country. He is highly respected by most of his countrymen and praised by other world leaders, for the numerous reforms he has introduced to Ethiopia. He speaks openly of his faith in God and his desire for reconciliation among the people of Ethiopia.

The ROCN staff agrees that the changes in the government have been positive. There are new government officials visiting the ROCN home, and they have recognized the quality of care and services being provided to the children. The local government in Nekemte has been complimentary of the ROCN home and has suggested that they would like to provide land for expansion of the ROCN mission. Currently there are two ROCN homes, one for the 8 girls and one for the 6 boys. Every other Saturday, the children all come together as one family for dinner and prayer.

News / Events

Tensaie Umeta, one of "The American Faces" [Posted on December 31st, 2018]

American Faces American Faces No. 24: Every once in a while you meet a real life superhero – the kind of person that actually saves people from despair and destruction. I met such a man. His name is Tensaie (pronounced: Ten-say) and he embodies the meaning of American Faces..  Read More


A year of Change [Posted on Dec 31. 2018]

2018 has been a year of change. Ethiopia has had a major change in their government. There is a new Prime Minister, who has brought the country out of martial law and into more peaceful rule.   Read More


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Any contribution to this noble cause will give orphans and vulnerable children future hope, and will make a difference in the life of distressed ones.

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Give A Chance

Your donation will bring new educational, healthcare opportunities, food and the peace of mind that comes with a stable lifestyle. Give a child a chance for a brighter future.

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Sponsoring an orphan will help us pay for food, clothing, medicine, rent and education as well as salary for employees for children in some of the most desperate and deprived areas in Nekemte, Ethiopia.

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