To A New Hope: ~ Billise ~

Billise arrived at the ROCN home in 2016. She experienced a lot of trauma as a child and when she arrived at our home she was very difficult to handle. After losing her parents and being mistreated by relatives, she had many personal issues to overcome. The unconditional love, patience and care Billisie received from the Mothers at the ROCN home, helped her to trust again and to build relationships with the other children and adults in the home. Today Billise has blossomed into a sweet, loving, caring, obedient, and sincere young lady. She is an example of the transformation available to all of us who are willing to accept love and to give love. We thank GOD for those who support the ROCN mission, which directly supports the children and changes their lives for the better, forever!


Against All Odds: ~ Dechastuu ~

Dechastuu moved into the ROCN home in September 2018. Her Father had recently died and she was left to live with her blind Mother. Dechastuu’s Mother was unable to work and was forced to beg for food at the church gates. Daily, Dechastuu faced hunger and an existence without the security of knowing where to sleep, what to eat and no opportunity for education or medical care. Working with the Women and Children’s Organization of the Ethiopian government, we were able to bring Dechastuu into the ROCN home. Now she is experiencing a stable home life, which meets all her basic needs. Above all Dechastuu is enjoying love and dignity that every human being deserves.