Your financial gift gives vulnerable children from the Nekemte community, HOPE! They experienced trauma from losing parents, becoming orphans, begging for food, searching for a place to sleep, exposed to dangers and abuse at a very early age. The ROCN home offers these children a second chance. They are welcomed into a family atmosphere, providing them food, clothing, a bed, an opportunity to attend school and more importantly to learn about God as their Abba Father and Jesus as their saving grace.

Your contribution to ROCN, combined with other donors, will help sustain the care the current children are receiving and allow ROCN to reach out and give more orphaned children a new family, a new home. In order to sustain the two homes, which also supply all the children's needs, we have a monthly operating cost of $2160.00 ($6480.00 quarterly) The long term vision for ROCN is to build a compound containing multiple homes, community center, school, and a church. This vision will serve many children and is the God-given idea to our Executive Director. We believe this will happen and would love to have you join us by praying for the funds and land needed to build upon. You may also want to donate toward the future compound.

New Home:
Resurrection Orphanage and Center of Nekemte opened a second home in 2018. The second home is accommodating the boys, while the first home is now only housing the girls. Each home has two house-mothers and two guards to care for and protect the children. The government has a Women and Children’s Organization, who is responsible to find care for all the orphans in the country. When ROCN has room and finances to support more children, we ask the Women and Children’s Organization to help us find children to move into our home. The new Ethiopian government has recognized the exceptional care and loving environment the ROCN staff and home provides our children. This new government has been much more reasonable to work with and has even suggested they should provide ROCN land in the future. Please pray that the government finds favor on ROCN and will grant the land needed to work toward the long term vision.