Gideon's Testimony Report

I was born and raised in Nekemte, Wollega, with Mr. Umeta and we went to the same elementary school. We played in the soccer field just a block away where the kids reside in Nekemte, without dreaming of taking responsibility for the younger generation supposed to play in the same soccer field. Unfortunately they are not as lucky to be happy and enjoy the soccer field like we did.
Just few years ago when Mr. Umeta told me his thoughts of doing something for unfortunate orphan kids, I said he is the right man to take on the challenge. God bless him for his work.


A Group from Zion Evangelical Church
August 2014

A group of people from Zion Evangelical Church in the Twin Cities made a trip to Ethiopia. They know of our home, and so made a visit to see the staff and children. Here's a picture of their group with our kids.


Berhane's Trip
June 2014

Berhane took a trip to Ethiopia. During his visit, he spent an unforgetable time with the children. Here's a picture of Berhane with a group of our kids.